PacComm Wireless Radio Systems, Inc.
Amateur Products Price List

All models include Built-in Open Squelch DCD circuitry

Standard Model
128K RAM
$ 189.95

Dual Serial Port Model
Dual Serial Port with Real Time Clock and 128K RAM

PicoPacket with Internal GPS Receiver

Internal Global Positioning Receiver, Real Time Clock, and 128K RAM
$ 599.00


(With 10MHz clock speed)
All models include manual, schematic, and connector pack.

Standard Model$ 190.00

"Open Squelch DCD" add ... $ 35.00
Internal DFM 9600 Baud Modem Card (MC-NB96) add ... $ 125.00

$ 169.00

TINY-2 without EPROM
Blank EPROM add ... $ 8.00
"Open Squelch DCD"add ... $ 35.00
Internal DFM 9600 Baud Modem Card (MC-NB96) add ... $ 125.00


Portable Packet Controller
1200 or 2400 BPS AFSK
Includes power supply (USA only), manual, schematic,cables,belt clip, and Velcro���® straps.
$ 259.00

"Open Squelch DCD" Adapters

Specify model:
DCD-3105 Model

DCD-Header Model
TNC/PC-320, TNC-200, any TNC with TAPR Modem Disconnect Header

DCD-Universal Model
Fitted with wire leads for connection to TNC.

All models $ 35.00 each



High Performance Packet Controller
Includes power supply (USA only), manual, schematic, and cables.

SPIRIT-2 Standard Model

9.6 KBPS Primary Modem Filter.
Secondary Modem Filter not populated.

$ 294.95

SPIRIT-2 Satellite Model

9.6 KBPS Primary and 38.4 KBPS Secondary Modem Filters.
Capable of Full-Duplex operation at different TX and RX data Rates.
$ 319.00


9.6 KBPS Primary and 19.2 KBPS Secondary Modem Filters.
$ 279.95


Modemless High Speed Model for use with WA4DSY 56kb MSK Modem
$ 349.00

SPIRIT-2 Modem Filters

Additional Secondary Modem Filter Speedheaders.
Specify Filter Speed from 4.8 KBPS to 57.6 KBPS.
$ 15.00 each

WA4DSY 56kb MSK RF Modem

28-30MHz RF
Requires transverter to operating frequency and source of digital data input such as SPIRIT PAD
$ 349.00

Firmware (EPROM)

Latest PacComm Firmware (must specify product)
$ 35.00

Latest Firmware with APRS Support (No PMS) for
HandiPacket and 320 Series Controllers

Heath Pocket Packet (HK-21) EPROM

Latest PacComm firmware, installation instructions,EPROM, Operating Manual, and Command Reference Card.
$ 50.00

Manual Sets

Manual sets for any PacComm product (except GPS). Includes Operating/Technical Manual(s), schematic(s)as provided with each product. Must specify release date of firmware.

$ 15.00

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